Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA,-"founded in 1962 as an educational center devoted to exploring and realizing human potential through experience, education and research" - Bob first attended in 1969 at age 24.

Driving south on Highway 1 to Esalen
Heading south
View of vegetable garden from my room
Main lawn
View of beach from the lawn
The Baths-hot mineral springs and massages
Path to the Baths
Rolf-our meeting place
View from Rolf porch
Rolf meeting room
Sun setting on the lawn
Sunset from the lawn
Meditation Center
Gazebo School Park
Dance Dome
Big House-meeting and guest rooms
Little House-meeting and guest rooms
Beach from Big House
Ocean and rocks!
From beach
Stream to beach
Flower garden
Guest rooms
The Baths
Fritz (Perls)-meeting /sleeping building
Deck at mealtime
People gather at lawn for spectacular sunsets
BBB-"Bob's bevy of babes" (self-named)
Heading north to Monterey